Carl J Koepke

Thinking Backwards

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Sometimes backwards is best. This is just a quick post on something I ran across for work and I though was interesting. I study Japanese and there is some research pointing to the fact that language can affect the way you think. I recently ran across a situation and wanted to discuss it briefly. I was tasked with something quite simple. The problem was this: Take a list of strings and create an output that displays the list using natural english.

Furigana using ruby tags in HTML

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Ruby tag example It can be difficult when first learning Kanji to memorize all the readings, and the kanji itself can be challenging. The HTML5 Ruby Tag allows you to place helper furigana or rubi on top of your Kanji to assist readers. I’m of the opinion that each unique reading should only appear with furigana once per page or article to avoid dependence on them. Below is an example of how to create furigana using the HTML5 ruby tag.

Thread safe data structures using channels in Go.

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Introduction Go has a number of great features that make programming fun again. The inclusion of channels as first class values is among my particular favorites. This combined with go also having support for first class functions really provides a great foundation for being able to do some really neat things very easily. Building a “thread safe” stack. I’m sure we all remember from a ‘classic data structures’ class how to build a stack.


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自動詞と他動詞 「じどうし と たどうし」 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs 自動詞 ー> Intransitive 他動詞 ー> Transitive Transitive Intransitive 落(お)とす to drop 落(お)ちる to fall 出(だ)す to take out 出る (で)to come out; to leave 入れる(い) to insert 入る (はい)to enter 開(あ)ける to open 開く (あ)to be opened 閉(し)める to close 閉(し)まる to be closed つける to attach つく to be attached 消(け)す to erase 消(き)える to disappear 壊(こわ)す to break 壊(こわ)れる to be broken 直(なお)す to fix 直(なお)る to be cured, fixed, or healed Pay attention to particles!

Security at the Client

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Securing the Client from Prying Eyes I had an experience on the train the other day which got me thinking. In our current age of always on and connected, we find ourselves working in various public places. Coffee shops, the train, an aircraft, wherever. You can get internet now basically anywhere and with the propagation of VPN’s and Two-Factor authentication we can also work anywhere. Poor Software Design On the train, I was sitting behind a seemingly stressed out health care provider.